ROI manager does not hide in linux

Hi all,

We are developping plugins in ImageJ.
We work with the ROI manager but we want to hide it to keep the interface clean to the user.

We used setvisible(False), it works correctly in Windows.
But in Linux the ROI manager is not hiden, the ROI manager frame persist, only it’s content seems unactivated “grayed”.

Is there a solution to hide all the ROI manager frame in Linux ?
(I’m on linux Mint 18).

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Hello @Salim_Kanoun,

I get the same issue when trying to use setVisible(false) on my Linux (Ubuntu 14.04). That being said, there is a way to instantiate a RoiManager without popping the display. Just use the [RoiManager constructor] ( which takes a boolean, this works for me.

final RoiManager rm = new RoiManager(false);




100 thanks ! it solved my problem !!
Thank you so much for your help !

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