ROI intensity profile with distance over frame automated

Hello everyone,

When you measure the intensity profile of ROI for one frame with ROI manager->more->multi plot,(Ctrl+K shortcut), the mean intensity is plotted with the distance. Note, I don’t need a mean intensity value of ROI for one frame.
I know the intensity profile is changing with the ‘Live’ mode if I turn the ‘Live’. And I can extract the data per frame. But I have 1000 frames of 10 movies, I can’t do that manually.
So I need the intensity profile data of ROI with the distance over frames and save the data with the frame number.

Is there any automatic version plug-in for doing that?

For the Macro, could you give me some advice about it? Cause it’s doesn’t work.

N = nSlices;
roiManager("Select", 1);
array = -1;
for (i=1; i<=N; i++) {
     if (array == -1) {
         array = getProfile();
     } else {
     	nextProfile = getProfile();
         array = Array.concat(array, nextProfile);
}"Values", array);

For the macro: did you try the debugger in ImageJ1? Step through the code, inspect the variables and see where their values differ from your expectations. (In ImageJ1 the debug command will automatically show up in the menu bar if a macro text window has focus, e.g. after Plugins>New>Macro).