ROI Color Coder

Hello Tiago!

I have a quick question regarding the ROI Color Coder macro. I am using it for drawing color coded areas after voronoi analysis. Some of my area domains are small and using the 16 color LUT they appear black. Is there a way that I can get the perimeter line of each domain to be colored in white to differentiate beween these smaller domains? I have attached an image to this message so you can see the problem.

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@Iwan, The easier options are one of the following: 1) Change the chosen LUT (try, e.g., mpl-viridis), or 2) apply a contour to the ROIs.

For the latter, you would store the ROI Color Coder result in the image overlay, then use the built-in commands in the ROI Manger to render the initial ROIs without fill color, but with a common contour. Here is the sequence of commands as recorded by the Macro Recorder (IJM language):

// Run RCC
run("ROI Color Coder", "measurement=Area lut=[mpl-viridis] width=0 opacity=100");

// store RCC ROIs in the image overlay
run("From ROI Manager"); // See Image>Overlay> menu

// Recolor all ROIs in the Manager: Remove fill color and apply white contour 
roiManager("Set Color", "white");
roiManager("Set Line Width", 1);

// Append countoured ROIs to the image overlay
run("From ROI Manager");

roiManager("Show None");

Hello Tiago! May thanks for the response. I appreciate your help.