Roi 1-click tools

Dear all,

I am happy to announce the release of a ROI toolset for ImageJ/Fiji (in red).

The ROI tools are similar to the built-in ROI but offer more automated behaviour: a single click with one of those tools generates a ROI of predefined shape and orientation centred on the clicked pixel, add it to the ROI Manager, run “Measure” and go to the next slice if a stack is used and eventually runs a custom command.

The automated behaviour can be tuned by double-clicking the icon.

The source code is a single macro file entirely written in the IJ macro language (feel free to adapt it) !
Source code and documentations are on GitHub

Installation (activate the Roi 1-click Tool update site) and getting started see video tutorial on YouTube


It looks really useful, thanks for sharing it.
Just an idea: you could add a field to set to move to the next slice after n ROIs have been selected.
That would be handy when you want to define, let’s say, 10 ROIs per slice before moving to the next.


Thanks, that’s one of many other options you could think of :stuck_out_tongue:

In practice while having 1 object/slice might be realistic (ie the current autonext slice), having precisely N object per slice is possible but maybe not so common so I dont think it is worth the effort implementing this in the built-in version sorry :sweat_smile:
I think manually scrolling after N ROI is rather fine.

I will stick to the KISS principle :wink: Keep It Short and Simple
Sometimes adding more options make the code and the interface more complicated and also needs extra documentation.
Feel free to try things out with the code though!

Multiple automated cutting of regions per slice in a stack with just one click could be very useful. But I understand that you might not be keen in implementing it.

Just a note to myself in case I need/want to do this in the future :wink: : check adding a global accumulator that increments with each new ROIs added so it only moves to the next slice when the count of ROIs is reached (and then reset it to 0).

Currently the solution is, as shown in the video, to call the extra command “Duplicate” with the click tool and then to call Images to Stack

Nice tool!
There is a similar plugin that is very useful for measuring and plotting intensities in multiple ROIs throughout a timelapse:
Just thought I’d make people aware of it, since it has some similarities to what you’ve developed.