Ridge detection imageJ, edit outputed lines

I’m trying to measure the lengths of microfibres under a microscope. After some pre-processing (binarise and erode), I can perform the ridge detection plugin (in imagej) and produce some pretty good results. However some of the lines are slightly off and it would be good to be able to edit the lines that the plugin outputs to get the correct results. I’ve found a plugin that lets you do this but is really bad at actual ridge detection.
The currently outputted image

Does anyone know how i can edit the measurements and to add my own?


I would be hesitant to advise you to hand-pick/-edit your results in this manner. Perhaps you can improve your pre-processing methods before applying the ridge detection plugin? What is the percent error you are finding? How ‘off’ are those measurements? You’ll want to keep things as automated as possible… perhaps you can share with us some original image files, as well as the exact pre-processing steps you are currently using… perhaps we can help to improve things in this manner?