RGB to CMYK that is not split into 4 sections (I want to keep it one image that has been converted to CMYK)

How do I convert an RGB image to one CMYK image in fiji without it splitting into 4 different images of CMYK? I can convert the RBG file to CMYK but I don’t know how to just convert the image into one image

Hello Ashin -

I don’t believe that such a tool exists. Note, it would require a
new format for a “CMYK color image.” The way that Fiji deals
with (stores, displays, etc.) color images is with either a 32-bit
RGB image (The three 8-bit RGB values are packed into 24 bits
of the 32-bit pixel.), or a grayscale image (typically 8-bit) with
a LUT (color palette) applied.

This is also what most of the lower-level bits of a graphics
system use when they display a color image. So, even if
you had a “single-image” CMYK image, Fiji would have to
convert it back to an RBG image to display it.

What is it that you actually want to do? If you want to see the
colors in your image, work with the RGB image. If you want
to see what the specific CMYK values are, convert your image
to a CMYK stack, and look at the CMYK values in the stack.

Thanks, mm

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As @mountain_man said, knowing the end goal is hugely helpful to answering a question. If you need to convert an image into CMYK, it is generally so that you are able to perform work on each channel separately.

You could always ignore any images/channels that you don’t want to work with, but having an image for each channel is essential to working with CMYK, and essential for an image to be CMYK.