RGB image from CP to imagej - possbile?

Hi All,

Part of my intial pipeline is taking a RGB image and thresholding based on HSB values. This mask is then applied further down the pipeline. Currently I am not able to send the RGB image from CP to imagej, instead I do what I need to in imagej and load the mask together with the other images via load data in CP for processing.

Is this the best way? ie. is it possible to send colour images from CP to imagej and return a binary image for use in the pipline?
Its not a major issue, but I like CP and CPA2 so much that I would rather stay within CP instead of the multiple workflows.

Many thanks in advance for your kind suggestions


Hi Yads,

You should be able to use the RunImageJ module to send images back and forth between CP and ImageJ. For an example pipeline that does this, you can go to our Examples page, and search for “ImageJ plugins”.