RFE: OMERO read-only option for students?

I’m using OMERO for teaching, and would like the students to do some measurement. As we are using the Read-only permissions option, the student is not able to do this. If we changes the user setting to the Read-annotate permission option the students would be able to do measurement, but if the students save the annotation the information will be shared with all group members, which we don’t want.
Would it be possible to inactivated the SAVE button, so the student can´t save annotation?
Would it be possible to make a option so the student only view his own annotation?

Thank you for your question.

What OMERO viewer should your students use to make the measurements ? I am supposing OMERO.iviewer, the plugin for OMERO.web, but please correct me if I am wrong.

As for your suggestions about the addition of new features into OMERO.iviewer, such as disabling the SAVE button at certain moments or situations or a configureation option which modifies the read-annotate group environment which woud hide non-owned annotations, please see about it the similar post on this forum.Setting up a quiz in OMERO.
I am citing from that (fairly long, sorry) thread the most relevant bit from my colleague @will-moore:

“I think the OMERO.server and OMERO.web releases are unlikely to add many features specifically for “Quiz” usage. Even within the OMERO.web ecosystem, we’re moving more functionality into web ‘plugins’ (figure, iviewer etc) to allow more customised installs.”

Putting the above in other words, you probably will not get what you ask for without some input and programming from your side.

The only thing which comes to my mind you can do with your present OMERO and OMERO.iviewer would be to:

  1. Depart from the Read-only or Read-annotate environments
  2. Instead, have a Private group in OMERO, where all the students are members of
  3. Have the tutors/teachers to be Owners in that Private group
  4. The students will not be able to see the images or annotations of each other, the tutors would be able to see the images and annotations of the students.
  5. Each student thus would have to have their own copy of the images. This can be achieved by using the omero duplicate feature which was released recently, see Release of OMERO.server 5.6.3 followed by change of ownership of these duplicated images which would have to be done for each student.

The above is feasible, and the duplication will possibly not even increase the storage demands on the OMERO.server as the duplicates are first attempted to be just hard links in the OMERO Managed Repository.
Nevertheless, it is a preparation-heavy workflow, as the step 4. would need some scripting and a person who is able to use command line interface.

Please study the similar threads here too.

Happy to discuss further.
All the best


OME Team