Returning args from a macro

Hello All

I have an imagej macro running successfully from the command line.
I can pass an argument to it and retrieve this using getArgument .

Does anyone know any way there any of returning an argument?
Ther seems to ab a return in the macro language but I can’t work out how to get to the result from the command line.

Many Thanks


I don’t know exactly what you are trying to do. However what about piping a printed output (of your results) to another input if you are working on Linux or MacOSX?


Many thanks. Then my question becomes how can I output text to the command line from a Macro. “Print” and “exit” both seem to use dialogs of some sort.
FYI I’m trying to run multiple instances of Imagej one on each node of an HPC cluster. I have a script which launches all the jobs but it then needs to concatenate the output files for which the script requires some information about what the macro actually did.

It seems that the stream is redirected.

Have you read this instructions for cluster?

Thanks again. That’s a useful document. It looks as if the way to go is to use a file to pass the information.