Retrieving images from a .mov video

Hi, i am trying to analyse a video and retrieve still images from this. The video is in .MOV form, but imageJ supports uncompressed AVI’s. I have tried many softwares but all convert to compressed AVI’s. Any suggestions?

I am new to Image J, this may be a silly question but I find image J difficult to use and wanted to ask whether image J can be used to analyse videos and retrieve still images from a video for analysis?

Did you try Bio-Formats? It supports several MOV codecs. It also supports certain kinds of compressed AVI files.

If your codec is not supported, you could try the FFMPEG update site, or just convert your videos using an external tool such as VirtualDub or QuickTime Pro.

Have a look at this post. It is a frequent question to convert *.mov files here on the forum: