Retrieve images by their IDs via OMERO python binding


For my image analysis I need to work on two images simultaneously in one python script. Is there any way to retrieve two images by their Image Ids simultaneously in OMERO? I mean for example, instead of asking for one Image ID when running python script in OMERO server, asks for two IDs (Please look at the attachment)?

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Thanks for your help.

Hi @Pegah, is your script available publicly e.g. on GitHub?
For multiple input values, have you tried using scripts.List as in omero-scripts/ at bafb131694b68b590e78e71152ea959dff2a9be2 · ome/omero-scripts · GitHub for instance?

Hi @s.besson , Thank you very much for your reply. No my script is not available on GitHub. But I have a script which needed at Least load two Images from OMERO and compare for example their contrast and also doing some analysis. This is the way I used to load just one image by asking for its Image ID, and also using “scripts.Long(“ImageId”, optional=False))”. I will have look on script.List too.

imageId = client.getInput(“ImageId”, unwrap=True) # unwrap the rtype

get the Image Id from the parameters.

image = conn.getObject(“image”,imageId)
dataset = image.getParent()

print(image.getName(), image.getDescription())


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Hi @s.besson,

My issue has been solved by using " script.List" and of course help of my colleague.


Fantastic, thanks for confirming and updating this topic.