Resume training by specifying snapshot path


I am running DLC on Google Colab to take advantage of the free GPU. I uploaded my labelled data and started training until 267500 iterations before my storage ran out. I have cleared my trash and want to resume training from 267500 iterations. I changed the path to the latest snapshot in init_weights in the pose_cf.yaml config file and saved the updated file in Google Drive:

I tried restarting the analysis from the beginning (installing dlc) but at the training step, it restarts from 0 instead of the most recent snapshot. However, the init_weights path is updated:


Can you please advise how to resume training, specifically the step you need to start from? I saw similar posts that mentioned resuming training but there were no specifics besides changing the init_weights path in the pose_cfg file.


Hi Eris,
From a similar issue reported on Github, it seems that the training picks up from the most recent snapshot, but the counter actually restarts from 0. :slight_smile: (have a look at the figure, under init_weights)