Results of measure length in distance

I measured a distance in the picture and the results of length appeared: “numberE-5”. I don’t know what I do to appear it. I had done this measure a lot before and only appeared the number. What could be my problem? Below, you can see my results tab. Thank you for your help!

This is just notation :slight_smile:

4.6E-5 = 4.6 * 10^(-5) = 0.000046


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The answer by @tibuch is to the point. You can configure the number of decimal places displayed in the results table via Analyze > Set Measurements… by changing the Decimal places (0-9) parameter,

Do you know the Plugins > Utilities > Capture Screen (CtrlShiftG) command? It’s very useful to get screenshots without stripes :wink:


Is it possible appear this notation only in some columns? Like in my figure?
I changed “set measurement” and ticked “scientific notation” too, but all columns showed the notation.
Can it cause bias in my measures?