Restore ROIs in ROI Manager

Hello everyone,

this may be a simple question but I can’t find a solution.
I generated multiple ROIs in a stack of images which I then measured. Afterwards, I unfortunaley closed the ROI manager. As i reopened it, all ROIs where deleted.

Now, I have only the “Results”-Table left. Do I have to measure everything all over again or is there a possibility to restore the ROIs?

Thank you,

Hello @tarantina,

If you didn’t create new selections afterwards, you have the option to restore the ROIs using Edit > Selection > Restore Selection or clicking Ctrl + Shift + E.


I’m afraid this will only restore the last active selection, not all of the ROI that were in the ROI manager before closing.

I guess there’s currently no way to restore the ROI manager entries unless you saved them to a file.


I’m a little late to the party, but depending on how you created the ROIs, and you didn’t close the image (or perhaps saved the image with Overlay data), they might still exist as an Overlay. You can maybe try Image > Overlay > To ROI Manager

But yeah, “save often, save when you don’t feel like saving, and save if you aren’t sure”. Within ROI manager, “More >” > Save… is your friend. Because we all have NEVER EVER (repeatedly) lost a whole day’s worth of data because we were too lazy or busy to save … and then kicked ourselves for not saving it … and then lost more data again the very next day…