Resource for sample whole-slide images

I do not currently have access to my hardware for image collection and need to do some development work requiring the full slide. I have found some sites that have repositories of whole-slide images but they are only available in a web viewer and not for download. Either that or they’re non-human cells.

H&E and IHC stained breast cancer slides would be ideal, as would just about any stained SurgPath slides.


So you are looking for slides? I think you can get some from TCGA, though it has been a while since I’ve been through the download process and I think things may have changed.

Thank you! This ultimately led me to this link, essentially the ultimate repository for cancer data if anyone else is seeking images or other de-identified data:

Very well organized for a government site :laughing:

Although so far I have been unfortunately unable to find any images.

Sorry, maybe this link will help more. I didn’t realize that redirected somewhere away from the TCGA.

Here are two other sources:

Thanks so much, that first one has some images of exact variables I’m working with. Much appreciated.