Resolved: Cannot create a Hough Circle plugin page on wiki



I updated Hemerson Pistori’s implemetation of the Hough Circle plugin to be multithreaded, and also to allow greater flexibility of the algorithm to trade resolution for speed, and also resolved some bugs in the code. However, when I try and make the Hough Circle Transform page on the wiki, I’m told the page doesn’t exist, but when I click on the link to create the page, I’m told I do not have permission to create the page. Has anyone else run into this, and how do I resolve it?

Ben Smith


It turned out to be a problem with my web browser. Clearing out the entire browser history fixed the problem.


@Llamero it seems you uploaded some files, but you didn’t actually create a wiki page. Maybe you didn’t save after previewing the page?


I’m actually still writing up the page; there are quite a few search parameters to describe. It should be up in a couple hours.