Resolution and White Balance

I am an undergraduate student in a Lab at Depaul Unversity and we are planning to be using Micromanager potentially in the future. After looking through the User Guide website, there are a few questions I have. Is there a way to use a white Balance function other than by using the PM/QI Auto White Balance function? It says that the plugin is not compatible with our hardware. This may be because we are using a non motorized microscope. Also, How would you adjust the resolution of the image? Is the only way to have a different Hardware Configuration?
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Gabriel Inoshita

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Micro-Manager is not ideal for color cameras. Most people will white balance by using the “autoscale” function (which sets the brightness/contrast for the R, G, and B channels independently, resulting in automated white balancing), but there is no way to set a specific color temperature or similar. Sometimes, the camera itself can do white balancing even before the data are fed to Micro-Manager.

I am not quite sure what you mean with “resolution of the image”. Resolution can mean different things to different people under different conditions. However, you can digitally zoom in and out the images you took within the Micro-Manager viewer, and you can specify what the size of each pixel represents in the object that you are observing.

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What I mean is can I change the size of the image is when I take an image it is always 1024x768pixels so long as I dont zoom in. Is there a way for me to take an image of for example 1920x1080 pixels. The Leica DFC425 camera we are using, can do so using the manufacturers software that we used to use.

Ah! There are a couple of different things that can affect the pixel number of the image. In your case, I suspect that there is some kind of video property that sets several parameters of the camera simultaneously. Go to Device > Device/Property Browser, and look for properties that could change video mode (sometimes these have strange names, so play around).

Next, it could be that an ROI was applied (although you would have done that yourself, so less likely;). The three square buttons in the bottom left of the MM main window control ROIs. Use the green one to “unset” a previously applied ROI. Lastly, binning will affect the pixel number (but it 2x binning should result in 960x540 pixels rather than 1024x768). There is a binning drop down in about the center of the main window.

Ok, Thank you so much!

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