Reslice/OrthogonalView in omero.figure

Dear All,

While making a demo of the fantastic Omero.figure, a clever user asked me if it’s possible to make/select an orthogonal view of the z-stack (xz or yz) !

I had a look on the pages ( and ( ) but couldn’t find any way of doing so…

For the moment the only “solution” I could come up to is to make xz reslicing in Fiji and add the newly created images to Omero, which means doubling the dataset size !

Would anyone have a clever idea or documentation to solve his issue,



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Hi Romain,

Thanks for the feedback.
The orthogonal view has been requested before and I’ve added your request to the card at
This actually requires a bit more work on the OMERO.server first, before we can support it in the web.
In the meantime, your “solution” sounds like the best way forward.

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