Research engineer for Image Analysis on the PICT Imaging platform at UMR 144 Institut Curie

Research engineer for Image Analysis on the PICT Imaging platform at UMR 144 Institut Curie

The UMR 144 Compartmentalization and Cellular Dynamics is looking for a Research Engineer, expert in analysis of biological images (BioImage analyst) to strengthen its imaging platform, PICT-Burg (labeled IBiSA; member of the national infrastructure France BioImaging).

Scientific and technical environment.

The Compartmentalization and Cellular Dynamics CNRS Unit studies the organization, operation, differentiation and division of normal and cancer cells. It is composed of 14 internationally renowned teams in their respective areas, usually multi-disciplinary and multi-national, at the interface between cell biology and physics. (See
The imaging platform of the UMR 144 is part of the PICT-IBiSA at Institut Curie, member of the National Infrastructure France-BioImaging, she welcomes the National Coordination (Mixed Service Unit 3714 CNRS- Institut Curie). It offers over 20 advanced microscopy stations essentially photonic from simple deconvolution microscope, to the most sophisticated systems, with a strong specialization in 3D Imaging + t in single cell (see

Role and Tasks.

The engineer is:

  • an expert in image processing and analysis
  • Is β€œThe” expert in this area on the platform,
  • Has a PhD in the field of signal and image processing or computational vision,
  • Has expertise in optimization and / or analysis of image data (reconstruction, restoration, segmentation, detection …).

His familiarity with microscopy (optical and / or electronic) is an asset. Experience in the field of biomedical image is a capital gain.

He (she) practices some of the following programming languages: C / C ++, Java, Python, CUDA (GPU) or equivalent.

Knowledge of software such as ImageJ / Fiji, Icy, CellCognition … is more than desired.

Knowledge in image database management would also be a bonus.

Required qualities.

  • Attentive to the needs of an expert community in cell biology
  • Availability and palatability in pedagogy (training of Masters, PhD, Engineers and Post Doc) Enjoy working in multi-disciplinary team (the imaging platform)
  • Conducts methodological surveys in the field
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously (teams)
  • Constraints
  • English: speaking, reading, writing
  • Travel: occasional trips but recurring expected
  • Be enrolled or enrolling in the domain networks to actively participate (RTmfm, FBI WG BioImage Informatics, GDR Isis or MIV …)


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