RescaleIntensity in ExampleSpecklesImages pipeline




I don’t konw why there are the RescaleIntensity modules consecutively running twice in ExampleSpeckleImages pipeline.

Additionally, I haven’t seen the difference between the rescaled images in my trial.




Each RescaleIntensity module operates on a different image, the first on the blue channel, the second on the green.

When the module windows are displayed upon running the pipeline, the default setting is to show the images as “stretched” so white is the maximum value and black is the minimum. Since both the original and rescaled images are “stretched”, they look the same. But if you change the display mode to “Raw” (with the popup menu at the upper right), you’ll see the difference.

The purpose behind using these modules is to convert the 12-bit images saved in a 16-bit to the proper 12-bit range. The Help for the module will give you a further explanation of this issue.

Hope this helps!