Requests for creating ImageJ update sites

Hey @frauzufall,

thanks for taking care of this / us :slight_smile:

I would like to request for a new upate site called “clincubator” associated to my user account. But don’t tell anyone :laughing:



thanks so much for taking care of this!
We are (cc @nornil) also in the process of submitting a publication about an application with a Fiji Update Site. How long do you think it will take until everything works again? I would feel better submitting the publication only after we are back to a normal state…

@Christian_Tischer AFAIK, Fiji update sites are back to normal.

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But I was also wondering about the wiki, because the link to the wiki will be in the publication…

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Check out Curtis last update on the wiki:


@etadobson Could you please field these update site requests? Happy to advise if you need guidance. Thank you!

Not sure yet. I will post a projected timeline to the ImageJ wiki is down thread before week’s end.


Sorry @ctrueden - was away on a short holiday…

Do I still need to take care of any of these? If so - who needs assistance?

The following update sites now exist:

  • ObjectColocalizationPlugins with authorized user AndersLunde (@Anders_Lunde)
  • clincubator with authorized user Haesleinhuepf (@haesleinhuepf)

Fantastic, thanks @ctrueden :vulcan_salute:

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Hi @ctrueden, @frauzufall

I am very grateful to you for the migration process.
It’s difficult to ask in this situation, I would like to request new my update site.

update site : SheetMeshProjection
user account : WadaH or hwada

Thanks for your help,


@hwada Done! Since your username did not already exist, I have PMed your upload password to you.

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Dear @ctrueden! I have two questions regarding update sites:

  1. Should I still use “” as the update site for my plugin as a long term solution? I need to know because I will publish this link in a journal soon. In other words, will this plugin repository continue to work long term?
  2. I have forgotten my password to my ImageJ wiki account, and cannot upload my jars. Can you help me reset my password (AndersLunde)?

Sure. We are committed to maintaining these update sites for the long term. However, I don’t think you actually need to publish that link directly in the journal. Why not just publish a link like (The only issue right now is: if you haven’t already created a wiki page for your project, you can’t edit right now because the wiki is temporarily read-only! :confounded: But we’re working as fast as we can to get it back up and running.) Links to pages of will definitely be maintained very long term—even if we eventually restructure the site, we’ll always add redirects to new locations as appropriate.

Yep. I sent you a PM with the new credentials.

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Hi, @ctrueden,

Thank you for your immediate support!
I would like to try uploading now.
And, I have a question.
Is it ok to include the dependent jar files created by others?


Hi again, @ctrueden,

I tried uploading my file, and I put the password you provided in the password input field of fiji, but it seems that it cannot be authenticated.
The documentation says that it’s different from the wiki account password, is there something else?


Yep—as long as their license allows redistribution. Presumably all your dependencies are open source? See also the Personal Update Site Terms of Service.

I just tested it, and it works. Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Choose Help › Update… from the menu
  2. Click “Manage Update Sites” button
  3. Click “Add update site” button (not “Add my site”… I would like to remove that button because it’s confusing)
  4. For URL enter
  5. For Name enter SheetMeshProjection
  6. For Host enter webdav:WadaH
  7. Leave Directory on Host blank

It will look like this:

  1. Then click Close.
  2. Then click “Advanced mode” and in the View Options choose “View local-only files”. You should see your plugin JAR(s) and dependencies listed. Select them all with shift+click, then right-click and there should be a “Upload to SheetMeshProjection” option available. Click that.
  3. Click “Apply changes (upload)” button.
  4. When the password prompt comes up, paste the password I shared with you via PM.

I was able to upload a file jars/test-0.0.0.jar to your update site using these credentials, so I know they work.


There was one difference from my procedure.

I changed this point(webdav:SheetMeshProjection -> webdave:WadaH), then I could upload my files.
Thank you for your very kind help.


I would like to request an update site: CellularImaging
My imagej username was schmiedc

Thank you!

@schmiedc Sorry for the slow reply—I just noticed this.

CellularImaging update site created.

It looks like this is your first update site? Therefore, I added user schmiedc and PMed you the password.

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I’d like to request an update site: Crosshair
This is my first update site, so I’ll need a wiki account too.This can just be my name: KimberlyMeechan

Thanks so much!