Request to add OpenIRIS as a community partner

Dear team,

We are interested in joining this forum as a community partner with OpenIRIS (OpenIRIS), which is an open and free platform for booking and resource management of instruments (in particular microscopy) within and across organizations.

We are ready to agree with the required terms:

  • the organization links to the forum in its documentation regarding how users should seek support and/or discussion;
  • it does not promote additional, separate, project-specific discussion channels more prominently than this forum.

Here is the OpenIRIS logo that can be used:

Please let us know if there are any other questions or things we should do, and thanks for providing such a great platform!


Dean Flanders and the OpenIRIS Team

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Welcome @deanflan! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Community Partner. Sorry we missed this post earlier. When you get a chance could you point me to where you link back to

Thanks again and let me know if you need anything else.

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Hi @deanflan and welcome to the forum!

I have no objections against joining, but I somehow feel that OpenIRIS is only marginally related to the scope of this forum. is about scientific image processing, also about image acquisition software, but OpenIRIS is mostly an infrastructure management tool, right? I wonder if there are more suitable places for OpenIRIS to gain visibility… what do others think?

Also, from the linked website, it is unclear who is responsible for the platform? Did I miss a place where legal information and names of the responsible persons are mentioned? From the contact form, I can’t see who will be reading my message.
Is there a link to the underlying source code? Is the code developed on an open platform such as GitHub or similar?
Is it the goal to use this forum as primary platform for issue reports and feature requests/discussions?


Hello @imagejan,
The origins of OpenIRIS is manging imaging platforms, and it is the largest base of users by far, and such a tool is essential for any imaging platform to manage its resources. It was actually suggested by a user of that this would be a good platform to use because of the tight relationship, and we felt also it was a good fit. In addition, OpenIRIS has wider ambitions in terms of facilitating data management and workflows in the longer term and facilitate things like correlative imaging.
The list of partners of the platform is on the front page, we had not listed any specific names as it is the partners that drive the direction of the platform. The source code we have not placed on a public repository yet, but have given the source code to various people and organizations as there is no intent that it is ever commercialized.
Yes, the goal is that this the primary place for power users of the platform to see the latest release information, submit problems/ideas, and help one another. As many of them already use this platform it is helpful, and also it will help probably broaden awareness of as it did in my case.
Thanks, Dean

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Hello Mark, We are in the process of adding that, we will add that to our support section. Thanks for your help! Dean

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