Request for starfish to join as a community partner

Dear @team,

starfish would like to join the forum as a community partner. We have directed user support requests to on our landing page and we elect @neuromusic as the active representative on the Community Forum Team.

starfish is a Python library for creating image-based transcriptomics processing pipelines. We are nearing a release of starfish that supports an end-to-end workflow: from raw images to single cell gene expression matrices. For this release starfish needs a permanent public discussion channel to provide user support. We look forward to being a community partner of!

This is the starfish logo:

Matt Cai


@mattcai Sure thing! Do you a version of the logo with transparent (rather than white) background? It would look better across the forum’s two themes (light and dark).

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@ctrueden Yes here it is, thanks!

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@mattcai I’ve added starfish to the top navigation bar. Your sidebar blurb can be found and edited (with sufficient trust level) here. I added @neuromusic to the Community Forum Team group.

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Thank you @ctrueden!!

Welcome to the forum, #starfish!

I opened this pull request to add links to the tag here: