Request for feedback of a new plugin for image synthesis



Dear Everyone,

I am developing an ImageJ plugin as part of my thesis and it would be
awesome to get some feedback from the ImageJ community.

The “Image Synthesizer” offers the possibility to generate images from
mathematical functions and primitive patterns in a predefined coordinate

More infos about the Image Synthesizer here:

Feel free to download the plugin and drop it into your plugin folder:

Alternative just download the stand-alone version including ImageJ:

Do you have any good ideas:
- for a better name for the plugin?
- for more functionality?
- for a better UI?

Please let me know via the ImageJ list,
or directly here in this thread.

Thank you very much,

Maximilian Maske
University of Applied Sciences Berlin


Just for the record: This is a crosspost from the ImageJ-list.


Hi Maximilian,

I just toyed around with your tool a little bit. These are some suggestions/issues I had:



thank you for the advices.

-You can find the source code bundled inside the JAR-file and also on GitHub:

-When switching from RGB (with normalize selected) to 32-Bit, the normalization will be deactivated, because 32-Bit images hold the raw values without normalization. Switching back to RGB (now normalize unselected) the calculated values in the given function vary from -255…255 but will be clamped to 0…255. This is why you see those two different results. I guess it is a little confusing when changing the type to 32-Bit is deselecting normalize option. I will undo this.

-What do you think I can use the BigDataViewer for? To generate, display or save the images?



-What do you think I can use the BigDataViewer for? To generate, display or save the images?

I would recommend using BigDataViewer for displaying the volumes. You would also need to familiarize yourself with imglib2 if you don’t know it yet.

  1. Generate a RealRandomAccessible that produces function values on the fly.
  2. Display that RealRandomAccessible, the user can browse, zoom, and rotate the generated data at will.
  3. The user defines an interval that he would like to render as a stack.
  4. Persist that interval to an image stack/disk/…


Good day Maximilian,

did you have a look at:




Dear @iamm,

Image Synthesizer looks like an interesting project, thanks for sharing it with us!

I was wondering if you had a look at



Hi Herbie,

yes I did. I started playing around with it at the beginning and it it is working quite similar indeed, but my plugin let you select the space of coordinated independently the image resolution and you can also define conditionals and generate new images like this in a different way.

Thank you,