Reproducing images with auto local threshold

Hello everyone,

I have different soil samples and trying to separate the soil pores from the rest of the soil using FIJI(ImageJ 1.52n). Before thresholding, I have to adjust the brightness and contrast of the images(16 bit). But I found that the segmentation depends upon how I set the brightness and contrast display range even if I don’t press the apply button and simply just adjust the range. Is there some way that I can apply the local threshold method which depends on the actual Hounsfield value or pixel value and not to what display range is set by the brightness and contrast.


I don’t have any solutions, but wanted to point out that I don’t think you indicated which program you are using.

I went ahead and added the tag as well, so that it will be sorted into the correct forum.

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thanks for letting me know. I have updated the post