Report Bug 'Flatten' Fuction of the ROI manager

Hi everyone!

Can anyone help me with a bug that I found when using the ‘flatten’ function of the ROI manager?

The problem: if I run the ‘flatten’ function, the result is that the image is duplicated, while the flattening of the ROIs does not occur.

It does not matter whether I work from the ROI manager itself (in this case, I first press ‘deselect’ and then ‘flatten’), or whether I run an imj. script

Example script:
selectWindow(“Image of interest”);

Many thanks in advance!


Hi @Lisa_Koorneef,

have you tried to skip the deselect step and use the show all option before you flatten.
A Flattening generally needs the ROIs to be displayed. Only then the destructive integration into the images’ pixels will occur as expected.

Many thanks for your rapid response! Yes, this does work =)