Rendered data in OMERO

Dear OME team,

I have a question about rendered images in OMERO: when one wants to get images from OMERO.insight or OMERO.web, there is the option to export a rendered image in different file formats (jpg, png, tiff or OME-tiff). Are the rendered images created from the raw images directly at the export? Or are they created at the import of the raw images, and therefore stored somewhere in the server, resulting in some data duplication?
This documentation on the OMERO Rendering Engine suggests me that only the raw data is stored on the server and that rendered images are only created on the fly for data visualization or data export, but I would like to make sure!

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Dear Claire

This is correct, the rendering of the image is done on the fly.
We store the rendering settings used in the database. Multiple settings can be saved per user.

When you browse a dataset for example, you will see thumbnails in the centre panel. We store those small jpeg on the server.



Excellent, thank you very much for the clarification Jean-Marie!

Just one more clarification about data export: is the conversion to OME-tiff also done on the fly?


Hi Claire,
Yes, the server generates OME-tiff on the fly, which can take a while to gather the required pixel data and metadata and combine into OME-tiff.


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