Renaming pipeline works on 2.1.1 but not in 2.2

A pipeline aimed at adding a 0 before single digit well numbers; i.e. A 1 to A01 runs smoothly in CP 2.1.1 but throws error messages in CP2.2 . Some of them are:

  1. vigra files not found
  2. docs being used (and they are not, we close and opened CP and all images multiple times)
    and other buggy-looking errors.

Any suggestions to get this pipeline to work on CP2.2?

Thank you very much

renumber.cpproj (570 KB)


I just tried the newest trunk build ( and it did rename this file properly (see screenshot). Is this the version you mean by 2.2?

Side note: when I downloaded the file from the Forum to my computer, it added a “%20” for the space in the filename due to my browser I assume. I manually changed the filename to “A 1_rescaled.png” which is how you indicated the file is named for you.