Rename tiff Images using Macros

Hi all,

I would like to rename my images, I have ~500 tiff images and I need to rename it all of them.
For example, I have them as t01 and I need to rename to a longer name (ie. Ex_tiff_1_19). Could anyone provide me a Macro that can help me?


Check this post…

And/or consult this thread if MacroMaker is your middle name: Macro to rename files from FILE1 to 1FILE which holds most, if not all, of the building blocks for you. It also discusses some of the problems you might encounter.

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Hi @Juan_Rodriguez ,

You should try with File.rename


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This can of course be done using a macro, but if you are using Windows, I recommend having a look at FreeCommander. This free file manager comes with a powerful batch-renaming funtionality.

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