Removing Ring Artifacts Using Stripes Filter

I am trying to binarize the CT images if the samples. Some of the images have ring artifacts and I want to remove them. I found in the website of xlib and the paper _Stripe and ring artifact removal with combined wavelet — Fourier filtering_that I can use the plugin Stripes Filter to do this. However, it seems that the Stripes Filter can only remove vertical and horizontal stripes. I wonder if there is a way to set the parameters to let it remove ring artifacts. An example of ring artifacts is shown below.

Thank you very much!

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Hi @Zihan,

using FIJIs Process > FFT > Bandpass Filter, you could “Filter small structures up to 5 pixels”, which makes the rings almost disappear. However, have you thought of applying Process > Filter > Median, e.g. with a radius of 6 pixels?

The median is edge preserving, so it may not harm your binarisation afterwards. This depends on what you want to binaraze… Which objects are you interested in?


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hi zihan,

have you solved the problem? i also come across the same problem. it would be appreciated that if you have any experience to share.

thanks and regards,