Removing irregular background patterns from DAPI images


I am trying to count the number of DAPI stained nuclei on polymer spots. Some of these spots autofluoresce, creating an irregular background and false positive objects in IndentifyPrimaryObjects.

I am using OTSU>Three Classes for my thresholding and have played around with the threshold correction factor but I lose some nuclei which have a dimmer fluorescence when I increase this.

FilterObjects based on Eccentricity has removed many artifacts but I am still getting some.

I have attached a selection of images which mostly contains ones for which I get background errors but also few images that don’t have any background issues.

Currently using CellProfiler 2.2.0 on Win10

Current iteration of my pipeline also attached.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kyle.Doherty_1.cppipe (12.1 KB) (10.9 MB)

Hi Doherty

Are you still having problems. This is a common question that I have answered couple times, so I suggest look at the threads. But simply I would look into enhance speckles. CellProfiler also has a great tutorial on their webpage.


Hi Lee,

Yes I still have the issue but I will look into enhance speckles.
Thank you