Remove ROIs just by clicking on the label

Is there any way I can automatically delete ROIs just by clicking on the label? Up to now I have to delete using the <Del.> button or “Delete” on ROI Manager.




Sorry - where are you clicking on the label? In the ROI Manager or on the actual ROI itself in the image?

As far as I know - I don’t believe that is possible… only as described in the ImageJ User Guide:

Deleting Choose any of the selection tools and click outside the selection, or use Edit▷Selection▷Select None [A]↓. Use Edit▷Selection▷Restore Selection [E]↓ to restore a selection back after having deleted it. With Overlays↓, an activated ROI can be deleted by pressing the Backspace (Delete on Mac) key.

Or via the ROI Manager:

Delete Deletes the selected ROIs from the list. Deletes all ROIs if none is selected. You can also select one/all/some ROIs and click Backspace (Delete on Mac) key.


In the ROI Manager itself.

It was just to make sure there wasn’t some hidden option or macro/plugin in ImageJ. Thanks for the answer anyway, it helped me too!


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