Remove non-terminal dendrites after Strahler assignments

I used the Strahler Analysis plugin to generate an image with dendrites assigned Strahler numbers. How do I remove all branches not labeled with a 0 (according to the Strahler LUT).


Hey @kd35

Sorry, I haven’t used this plugin myself… so I’m not much help. But - I will ping @tferr - the developer of this plugin - he’ll know how to help you.

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I am not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish since pixels labeled with a zero value report background not branches. Branches are labeled with integers starting from 1. But here are some pointers that hopefully will help. Do let us know if not otherwise:

  1. You can edit the LUT color assigned to zero using Image>Color>Edit LUT… by editing the first entry in the LUT ramp
  2. You can segment any desired order in the Sthraler mask image: Specify desired value(s) in the Set… prompt of the threshold widget, then press “Apply”.
  3. If chosen, the iteration stack option will already display individual branch orders
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