Remote teaching for ImageJ macro programming

Hello all,

In these times of confinement, we are trying to pursue our image macro teaching courses remotely.

To do so we are looking for tools that can allow us to keep a good interactivity between trainers and trainees (even the shy ones that will hesitate asking their questions in front of the others).
We know that during these courses, it is critical to be able to help trainees correct many small errors in their codes and realized that we would very rapidly lose everyone if we base the teaching on a simple videocall.

In normal, on site, conditions I like to have a single trainer supported by a couple of helpers for my courses. So we’re looking for a software tool that would help us reproduce this structure.

So far I have only found partial solutions:

  • Meet offers the possibility to have multiple videoconference at once, but since they are not connected it seems tricky to keep the course tidy and clear.
  • Zoom offers the possibility to have “break rooms” and split the main meeting in separate rooms while keeping everything in the same environment which already seems easier to use. But once in the “breakroom”, the participants in this room have no feedback on what happens in the main room anymore…

Would any of you have other or better ideas for nice interactive teachings?

Thanks a lot!


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Perhaps not in regards to what is the best technology to use in this case… but just simply having ‘code checks’ in tutorials/workshops is incredibly important. It really eases students’ tensions - especially for those who are intimidated by code and are a bit overwhelmed. That way - they know that they will have access to working code snippets (that they can copy/paste if needed) throughout the tutorial/workshop - in case they are ‘behind’ or don’t pick up on something right away or even make a small typing error. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply!

I completely agree and already have backup scripts at every step of the code that they can use to catch up. Yet, I feel that the more they have to use these and the less confident they’ll feel about their ability to continue on their own afterward. That’s why we are more looking for this interactive teaching :slight_smile:

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