Reminder - Workshop in Open Application Development from MIAP & Zeiss

Dear Image Analysts and Microscopists,

in two weeks the 2nd MIAP ZEISS OAD workshop will take place in Freiburg:

MIAP Zeiss OAD Workshop

During the workshop various topics will be discussed (depending on the demands of the participants)

  • General Concept of Open Application Development (OAD)
  • Automation of Image Acquisition and Image Analysis
  • Adaptive Feedback Microscopy incl. Experiment Feedback
  • How to interface external applications like Python and Fiji & ImageJ
  • CZI file format topics incl. BioFormats and libCZI
  • Image and Data Analysis using the APEER platform
  • Control ZEN and its hardware remotely from the outside
  • Automated Image Segmentation using Machine Learning in ZEN using Intellesis

Prior knowledge in basic microscopy and basic scripting is required.

Any student / researcher / (commercial) developer with interest in those topics and the OAD interface is more than welcome to join this workshop

undefinedMake sure to register early.


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