Relevant characteristics for computers

I have not used image analysis software for 20 years, so consider me a neophyte.

I have a simple question with, I imagine, a complex answer: what are the computer characteristics which have the most significant impact on speed of execution for fiji? I am only interested in these: single thread speed, overall speed, RAM size, RAM speed, HD size, HD speed, and graphics performance, including the utility of a plug-in graphics card. I am not in the market for a multi-cpu computer. Please do not reply with specifics about particular features of fiji. I do not yet have the experience to understand them. Please do not reply with opinions; I am looking for evidence-based information. Thank you for your attention.

although I can’t answer with specifics (It depends on what analyses you need to do), I am sure, you will find lots of relevant information in this talk by @haesleinhuepf

the section from 14 min onwards deals with GPU vs. CPU characteristics on various analysis techniques.

Further info in the corresponding CLIJ-paper

Best, Joachim