Release of OMERO 5.5.1

Dear all,

Today we are releasing OMERO 5.5.1, a full production-ready release of OMERO.

This bug fix release focuses on installation issues that were seen with 5.5.0 and also upgrades the version of Bio-Formats which OMERO uses to 6.1.1.

This version does not require a database upgrade.

  • OMERO.web:
    • Allow the customization of the web logo
    • Allow overriding server configuration
    • Dynamically look up client download links
    • Fix description in new Project, Dataset etc.
    • Fix layout of the user account form
  • Java gateway:
    • New methods added to allow change group of objects
    • New methods added to load objects (datasets, etc.) by name
    • New methods added to get original and repository paths of images
    • Minor fixes in createDataset and getPixelSize methods
  • Import:
    • Add import target support for creating Projects
  • Scripts:
    • Enable annotating Projects and Datasets with the Populate Metadata script
  • OMERO.server:
    • Fix SSL cipher issue to allow Insight to be used from Fedora 30
    • Fix issue with loading Hibernate’s DTD when offline
    • Properly close OMERO.tables which kept sessions alive

Note : Due to the stricter closing of OMERO.tables, it may be necessary to update plugins like omero-metadata which previously were leaking files.

The software is available at Clients are no longer available from that location since they will be released more frequently than the server.

OMERO.insight is now available at with the following changes:

  • Fix SSL cipher issue to allow Insight to be used from Fedora 30
  • Fix stack overflow exception
  • Bump to omero-gateway-java 5.5.3

Official Docker images are available on Docker Hub:

The OME team


A couple things I noticed:

  1. looks like using with zero-ice greater than version 3.6.4 is not supported. I tried zero-ice 3.7.2 and the cmake step failed not finding Ice_SLICE_DIR.

  2. how do I downgrade to setuptools 33.1.1? I tried ‘sudo pip install setuptools==33.1.1’ but my Fedora distro doesn’t like that. I can give more details, but even better would be supporting modern setuptools

so i’m still using 5.4.6 for now
Oh, and do we know if the ’ LINK : fatal error LNK1189: library limit of 65535 objects exceeded ’ problem on Windows is fixed yet?

Correct, Ice 3.7 is not supported and will not be supported; over time we plan to migrate away from Ice.

We don’t expect that there is yet any improvement in the C++ situation on Windows. Unfortunately for some time the core OME team has had very little capacity for maintaining OMERO’s C++ bindings on Windows.

Which version of Fedora are you using? Is there a clear CentOS release to which it corresponds? The platforms and versions described on tend to get the surest testing.

I’m using Fedora29.
But let’s not pursue this any farther. What I really need is a working Windows version. v5.4.6 is working fine for linux and osx.

One minor suggestion in the buildsystem (perhaps in is to pre-detect if settuptools version is supported and exit with a nice help message if not.

thanks for your reply and help.

I’ve created an issue:

It’s best not to modify system packages using pip as it may break other components of your system. It’s safer to create a virtualenv.

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