Release of Bio-Formats 6.6.1

Dear all,

Today we are releasing Bio-Formats 6.6.1 which included the following changes:

File format fixes and improvements:

  • CV7000

    • fixed the channel-wise ordering of planes. The implementation changes to channel mapping will require existing memo files to be regenerated for CV7000 datasets
  • Hamamatsu NDPIS

    • transmittance values will now be used to pick valid channels if no wavelength present
  • Leica SCN

    • updated position units from reference frame to nm
    • original metadata now populated correctly for all series
  • MetaMorph Stack

    • support added for parsing NDInfoFile Version to determined correct file suffix
    • improved detection of companion binary files
  • MetaXpress

    • improved detection of thumbnail paths
  • Nikon NIS-Elements ND2

    • made performance improvements to reduce memory usage when reading large datasets
  • Olympus OIR

    • fixed a bug which resulted in blank planes when XML blocks end with CRLF

Documentation improvements:

  • updated bfconvert documentation for using pattern string on Windows (thanks to Nathanael Reveal)
  • added a Fiji usage note to the Tecan Spark Cyto Workspace format page
  • added references to the public Imaris IMS format specification page

Bio-Formats improvements:

  • added support for ChannelName in Fake series tables

Full details can be found at

The software is available at:

and from the Java-8 update site for Fiji users.

Any problems or comments, please use the forum


The OME Team