Release of Bio-Formats 6.5.1

Dear all,

Today we are releasing Bio-Formats 6.5.1 which included the following changes:

File format fixes and improvements:

  • Aperio SVS / Aperio AFI

    • fixed a Null Pointer Exception when exposure time is not defined
  • Big Data Viewer

    • corrected series indexes for non flattened multi resolution images
  • Cellomics

    • physical sizes are now set for all series rather than just the first
  • Imspector OBF

    • file format version and stack version are now recorded as part of global metadata
  • MetaMorph

    • improved wavelength parsing using Metamorph XML or original metadata
  • Mikroscan TIFF

    • stricter format recognition now used to prevent erroneous use of the reader
  • Ventana BIF

    • added support for LEFT overlap direction (thanks to Joan Gibert)
  • Zeiss CZI

    • fixed a bug to ensure Channel Illumination Type is not overridden by display settings

Documentation improvements:

  • added link from OME-TIFF page to commercial partners page

  • updated links for Biplane to now use Oxford Instruments

  • fixed a number of broken hyperlinks in documentation

Component updates:

  • jxrlib was upgraded to 0.2.4

Bio-Formats improvements:

  • fixed a bug in bfconvert for multi-series files with varying image sizes

  • removed the logging OMERO IDs passed to FormatReader and ImageReader

Full details can be found at

The software is available at:

and will shortly be available from the Java-8 update site for Fiji users.

Any problems or comments, please use the forum


The OME Team