Release of Bio-Formats 6.0.1

Dear all,

Today we are releasing Bio-Formats 6.0.1 which included the following changes:

File format fixes and improvements:

  • cellSens VSI
    • improved tag parsing resulting in fixes for missing or incorrect metadata
  • Hamamatsu ndpi
    • improved handling of variants where a constituent NDPI has no wavelength
  • LaVision Imspector
    • fixed a potential NullPointerException when ‘xyz-Table Z Resolution’ is false
  • NRRD (Nearly Raw Raster Data)
    • added support for raw GZIP-compressed data files
  • Olympus OIR
    • fix to ensure file path is normalized which fixes detection on Windows
  • TIFF
    • improved handling of direct tile copying to prevent invalid images
    • improved handling of tiles in scenarios of an invalid offset or byte count of 0

Documentation improvements:

  • added documentation for -noflat option to the showinf and bfconvert users pages
  • updated recommended minimal MATLAB version to R2017b
  • documented support for MATLAB versions prior to R2017b
  • links to MicroCT public datasets now point to the public archive rather than directly to the zip file

Full details can be found at

The software is available at:

and will shortly be available from the Java-8 update site for Fiji users.

Any problems or comments, please use the #bio-formats tag on this forum: forum

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