Release of 3D Suite 3.93



The 3D Suite is a set of plugins, based on the mcib3d library, for the processing, segmentation and analysis of 3D data. The new release includes :

  • A fast MultiColoc plugin to compute all colocalisations between two images
  • A plugin to compute centroids from a labelled image
  • A density plugins to compute density of spots in an image, based on distance analysis
  • A radial analysis plugin based on an EVF image to measure signal or objects distribution in layers of equal volumes

The associated 3D Manager has new functionalities :

  • Manual classification, just press 0,1, 2,3 …
  • Numbering to compute numbers of objects within objects

Feedbacks and comments are welcome !



@ThomasBoudier Great plugin. Is there already some documentation available for the MultiColoc plugin?

I know some people who might be interested.


Hi @Bio7,

Thanks for your comment, some basic documentations are available on the ImageJ Wiki.