Release of 3D Suite 3.93



The 3D Suite is a set of plugins, based on the mcib3d library, for the processing, segmentation and analysis of 3D data. The new release includes :

  • A fast MultiColoc plugin to compute all colocalisations between two images
  • A plugin to compute centroids from a labelled image
  • A density plugins to compute density of spots in an image, based on distance analysis
  • A radial analysis plugin based on an EVF image to measure signal or objects distribution in layers of equal volumes

The associated 3D Manager has new functionalities :

  • Manual classification, just press 0,1, 2,3 …
  • Numbering to compute numbers of objects within objects

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@ThomasBoudier Great plugin. Is there already some documentation available for the MultiColoc plugin?

I know some people who might be interested.


Hi @Bio7,

Thanks for your comment, some basic documentations are available on the ImageJ Wiki.




The 3.94 update of the 3D Suite is available, it mainly includes algorithmic improvements, and better handling of big images. The 3D Manager interface is improved and can be resized, when measurements may require long time to process, the interface is not frozen.

Feedback and comments are welcome !