Relating Objects

Hi, I was hoping to get help with this representative problem. In the following mosaic example I have segmented out two items from the original Image. I want to measure the perimeter and area of the objects in the third panel only if an object exists in the second panel corresponding to it. The problem is that I do not expect the objects in panels 2 and 3 to overlap but simply be near each other. I cannot find a place to say only measure if within X distance for example. I can see where there might be many ways to solve this as I can come up with several logical statements to describe my problem but I cannot seem to find a method that works.

Hi @susan-sheehan,

How about this: select an object from panel 2, and enlarge the selection by the desired radius (Edit > Selection > Enlarge).

Then convert the selection to a mask to limit the objects measured in panel 3.

Hope this helps.

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Seems to Works great… I’m now moving into processing a larger batch to do some QC to know for sure.