Relating 3 objects

Hi, I would like to relate 3 primary objects. I have identified nuceli, and stain of interest (test) and structure (glomeruli) in my images. Using the Relate object module with different itterations, I can get nuclei per glomeruli, test per glomeruli and test per nuceli (Nuclei that are positive for my test signal). Not all of my test staining is nuclear however, I’m interested in it both when it is and is not in the nucelus. I would like to get a count of how many nuclei are positive for my test signal within a glomeruli. Is there a module that allows me to do this? Using Cell Profiler 3.0 I do not see where I can save the output of relateobjects so I can apply that to a second relate objects module. I’m happy to share my pipeline, but I was hoping these examples might show my problem betters Example3

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I was able to solve this problem after reading this post Relate possible update.

Hopefully this will be helpful to others, After I related both my nuclei signal and my test signal to my glomeruli. I was able to create a new label by filtering on glomeruli I can then use these filtered images and relate them to each other CP3.0Pipelinetest.cppipe (17.2 KB)


I love it that an ELEVEN year old post helped you! Amazing. Nice sleuthing!

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Could you tell me how you detected your glomeruli?

In this case, I was using a binary segmentation mask I imported from a trained classifier using ilastik.