Relateobjects appear to have missed many cells

I was trying to use cellprofiler to analyze muscle cells with central nuclei. The cell membrane is labeled with WGA and nuclei with DAPI. what I did is to identify the muscle and then shrink it by 8 pixels, i then use relateobjects to find the shrunked muscle cells (parent) with nuclei (children). When I visually examine the images, I saw quite a few cells with obvious nuclei outlines were not classified correctly. could you please help me with this?
Attached is the image that I overlaid the classified cells (red) with shrunkmuscle outlines and nuclei outlines.

Can you further explain exactly how you want to classify the cells and also post the pipeline? There’s not enough information here for us to know how to help you. Thanks!

Thank you for your quick reply. I figured it out. It was due to the settings of the classifyobjects.