relateObject of the same object size

Hi there CP experts –
I have this mission:
Two different nuclear stains – DAPI (blue) and Ki67 (green). I want to relate nuclei that are green (Ki67 positive) to the big cells. The challenge here is that it is not a classical tissue culture; there are two types of cells (big and small). The nuclei belong to both the big cells and to the numerous small cells.
My question is: how to relate same size objects to each other (the parent-child relationship is not appropriate…
Please advise,
Thank, Noga
IXM_New_CM_Ki67.cp (14.9 KB)

Hi Noga,

I assume that you are using IdentifyPrimary to find the nuclei and then IdentifySecondary to produce the cells, correct? If so, you can try something like the following:

  • Determine the size threshold differentiating the big from small cells. You can use MeasureObjectSizeShape and then DisplayDataOnImage to view the morphological measurement of choice overlaid on the objects, or ClassifyObjects to bin the morphological measurement of choice to color-code the objects.
  • Once you’ve selected the appropriate cutoff, use FilterObjects to filter the objects into a new object set of big cells. In the same module, you can select another set of objects to relabel in the same way as the cells; for this, choose the nuclei objects. The final result is a new set of big cells and a new set of nuclei that belong to the big cells.
  • At this point, you can identify the green-positive regions and then relate them to the nuclei belonging to the big cells.