Relate objects index number is out of bounds for axis


I wonder if someone could perhaps help me out?

While using the RelateObjects feature in Cell Profiler, I get an error message saying:

Error while processing RelateObjects:
index 42 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 42
Do you want to stop processing?

Where can I change the axis parameters?


Hi Sophie,

Can you upload a pipeline and some images to help us debug this? Thanks.

Hello Beth,

Thanks for getting in touch with me.

Please find screenshots of the error messages I get.

Thank you,

Hi Sophie,

I apologize for being unclear- can you upload your pipeline and a sample image set or two to run the pipeline on; it’s very hard to debug from screenshots.

The MeasureObjectIntensity bug is a known one that we’ve already fixed, it should be out in our next release!