Relabelling secondary objects has gives unexpected results

This is my pipeline:
1- Identify primary objects
2- Identify secondary objects
3- Measure size/shape of primary objects
4- Filter primary objects on Form factor and area + relabel secondary objects

The relabelling step gives unexpected output. Removed cells are not associated with removed nuclei but they seem to be randomly assigned. It seems like a bug in assigning new indexes to the secondary objects. Attached are screenshots, pipeline and sample data.

I have some problems uploading the files, so here are the links to the images … sp=sharing

Thank you.

In IdentifySecondary, you requested that Cell objects touching the image edge be removed, and that the associated primary objects also be discarded; the module then allows you to name the new primary objects. It appears that you are measuring the morphology of and filtering the original objects (Nuclei), hence the mismatch. If you use the relabeled ones (FilteredNuclei), it should work.