Regular Expression in NamesAndTypes module

I am attempting to use a regular expression from extracted metadata.

The metadata module extracts a ChannelName information.

The problem is that the information can either be
or it can be
340 nm

This problem occurs when i specify first

File Does contain fura2 start
Metadata Does Have ChannelName matching (see below)

I’ve attempted a few variation of regular expressions none of which work for me, for example.


Am i missing something?

Maybe you can post your pipeline and an example image and that may help someone figure out the issue?

Hi Lee,

Apologies if you’ve already tried this, but I’d look at online RegEx editors/debuggers to help here.


In my pipeline i use the expression seen in the picture below.

The well name was the issue for me, as my microscope software spits out “B2” and “B12”. The solution was the {1,2} argument which says that the number part for the “Well” label can be 1 or 2 integers.


Also I think using a period followed by the number of characters you need may help.The (.){38} just allows me to have any characters which are 38 in length for the experiment name. You could change the {38} to be say {3,6} which might allow either 340 or 340 nm to work for you.

I hope that’s helpful.