Register Virtual Stack Slices trying to open images with negative size

Hi all,

I’m having an issue using the Register Virtual Stack Slices plugin in FIJI, latest version. I’m trying to register a large stack of ~10k .tifs of about 125MB each – these are 12500x10000 uncompressed grayscale. Register Virtual Stack Slices is able to run through the stack and extract SIFT features OK as well as compute transforms (I’m doing affine transforms, initialized with translations, and I’m using the shrinkage constraint), but when it comes to actually saving the output, it pops up the following exception window:


One of these windows opens for every single output image. My images are sort of large, so I’m wondering if this could be caused by some kind of overflow? The numbers involved are very suspicious, since 2147483647 is exactly (-1 mod 2^31), so it looks like somehow the width/height fields were initialized to -1 and then converted to an unsigned size type and back, or something like that…

But I’m not sure how to go about troubleshooting this – has anyone seen this error before?


Hello @cwindolf and sorry for the late replay!

I haven’t seen that error before. Maybe you are using a special TIFF format? Can you open it normally in Fiji? If so, could you send me one so I test the plugin with it?