Regionfill in CP

hi all,

was wondering if cp has a similar function like this


@Raphael CP can create and apply masks, but it doesn’t have the interpolate-from-the-edges functionality of regionfill. That said, there could be a workaround. Do you want to share more specifics about your application?

@karhohs I want to eliminate dust particles in my images. And what makes it a little complicated is the fact that the images are time-lapsed images of growth of crystals. At the start, the dust particles are bigger than actual crystals but as the crystals grow, the size of the dust becomes comparable with real crystals.
Kindly find attached two images from different times and the pipeline I’m using to tackle the problem. In the images, the bright white spots are the dust particles which I want to get away. Sample4May23CP_Help.cppipe (13.0 KB)
Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot. Here is the link to the images and pipeline just incase the upload in CP forum doesn’t work.